Travel theme: Delicate

For me, there’s nothing quite so delicate and ephemeral as cherry blossom season! The flowers have a short bloom time so it’s easy to miss them in all their fluffy pink glory. It’s also rather hard to predict exactly when the flowers will blossom, so you may find yourself booking a trip to Washington DC in hopes of catching them in full bloom and find that you’ve come a week early. Le sigh.

Still, I have been able to catch a few glimpses of gorgeously flowering cherry blossoms, so I count myself lucky! There’s something so romantic about cherry trees and the fluttery pink hail they send down with each breeze…

Sakura Mankai

“Cherry Blossoms in Full Bloom”

The sad sad scene that greeted me in Washington DC this year! The buds were just ready to pop, and actually started blooming the day we left! But wait, there’s more…

Fluffy pink blossoms on a beautiful clear day at Cornell. There’s a line of cherry trees right by Olin Library that’s absolutely breathtaking when they’re flowering! So nostalgic!

One of my favorite places to go during cherry blossom season is the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, which has an awesome festival called Sakura Matsuri with different events and festivals. But even without the festival, the flowers are still a spectacle to behold.

Although I love pink cherry blossoms, white flowers are beautiful as well!

Last but not least, cherry blossoms in Shanghai. It was an unexpected but lovely surprise to come upon a stand of flowering cherry blossom trees in the middle of the city!

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