Travel theme: Details

I’m the kind of person that my travel companions roll my eyes at while I stop to take a picture of something mundane – I can’t help it, I like to capture every little detail whenever I’m on a trip! That includes food… yes, I’m very guilty of that, sorry! But when I look back at my pictures, I find that oftentimes it is those photos of little details that bring back specific memories and feelings for me.


This photo reminds me of cycling around Hyde Park and Kensington with the rental bikes. It was a nice because we only paid £2 to use the bikes and then as long as we re-docked them within 30 minutes it was still free. So we probably biked 2-3 hours around with those bikes, docking them and then checking them out again at 30 min intervals. We even had time to go have tea at the Orangery and then come out and ride again!

We visited the English countryside of the Lake District, and the fields were filled with lovely bluebells! I love their delicate shape and brilliant color. We stayed at a lakeside hostel that was a 15 minute walk to town – which meant that we saw many fields of flowers, cows and sheep!

My college friends and I try to visit our alma mater once a year – it’s become a tradition to rent a house, play games and have a BBQ. While walking around campus last year, I saw this chalk drawing on the sidewalk – we used to live in Fontana Apartments during our senior year! Ahh… brought back some nostalgic memories.


This was what my father felt was appropriate footwear for my cousin’s beach wedding. I was considering saving this picture for blackmail, but it wouldn’t work because he feels no shame at all.

Another cousin, another wedding. This is their kitchen table the morning of the wedding day, filled with takeout boxes of delicious dim sum sustenance for the family and the bride and groom to feast on before the long day ahead. Just looking at this picture reminds me of the cheerful bustle in the house, everyone talking over each other and fighting for the last shrimp dumpling.

This was from a trip to China, when we were visiting a local temple. The whole atmosphere was very solemn and reverent as we were looking around… and then you peek into a room and see a ping pong table. I guess even solemn and reverent needs to take a break sometimes!

This post is in response to Ailsa’s Travel Theme! Go check out her great pics 🙂


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