Travel theme: Transformation

<cue computer voice>

Transformers – robots in disguise!

I couldn’t help it, this week’s travel theme by Ailsa reminded me of them! Here’s a quick shot of Megatron, the transformer baddie.


Anyway, on to the more “serious” photos for this week’s theme! I’m always impressed by people’s artistic skill, and their ability to transform a blank canvas into something that captivates people and expresses their emotions. An artist can be anyone who creates, in my opinion – the traditional artist with pencil and sketchbook, a sculptor who finds vision in clay or stone, and even the sometimes vilified graffiti artist.

DSC02671I took this photo on a trip to London, around the Brick Lane area where there are many colorful graffiti artworks. This one is in the process, but even in the early stages it is quite beautiful!

Another example of artistic transformation, showing that anyone can be (sort of) an artist with enough guidance!


the beginning!


the finished painting!

While this isn’t going to fool any Van Gogh fans, I was pretty pleased by how it turned out and how fun it is to create something! If you haven’t tried one of these painting classes, you should check them out – even the artistically impaired like me come out looking good!

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