Black & White Sunday: Lines

Black and white photography has never really been one of my strong points – so that’s why I’ve decided to take on some B&W challenges to explore the world of monochrome photography and push my own limits. Without color, certain aspects of a photo come more into focus and it’s interesting to see how black and white can make an otherwise flat photo look dynamic… and vice versa!

This week’s photograph is focusing on lines:


When I originally took this photo, I wasn’t too impressed by it. I liked the pattern of the lines and the angle of the photograph, but overall it was just kind of “meh”. However, once I put it into black and white the pattern of the lines really popped! I actually like it a lot better as a B&W vs the original color version.

This post is in response to Lost in Translation’s B&W Sunday and PODcast B&W, check them out for more interesting pictures 🙂


12 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday: Lines

    • It’s line-tastic! I think in color it was a little too “busy” but the black and white really brings out the pattern. And good guess, it’s actually the side of the Los Angeles Convention Center!

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