Weekly Photo Challenge: Careful

In high school, I got the chance to take ceramics to fulfill a “tech” class (my other one next semester was jewelry-making!). I really enjoyed it, making molds, sculpting, and my favorite part, glazing the ceramics and see how the finished product would come out. Years and years later, I got a chance to do some “throwing” – sounds violent, but really just means the process of making something on a pottery wheel. Like in the movie ‘Ghost’… am I dating myself with this reference?!

Anyway, if you’ve ever thrown pottery it is a bit twitchy. i was never good at it and I need a lot of hands on guidance because if you’re not careful, too much pressure will give you a big gaping hole in your pot or make the walls too thin. It’s a delicate process that requires some patience…


Travel theme: Below

These days when I peek down below, I get a view a bit like this:


Usually, I’ll look down below and discover she’s pulled apart a magazine, or is busily ripping apart paper towels, or maybe is trying to squirt shampoo into her mouth… But it’s a pretty good view, nonetheless.

Some “low” shots!


I like how taking this picture from below made the cross seem more imposing and spookier than it otherwise would seem. I love the look of moss creeping across stone…


View from the top of Libe Slope at Cornell, looking down at West Campus and beyoooonnndddd… I remember trekking up this hill back in the day. My quads were awesome!


Lastly, a shot of my friend Jess hanging out at a playground in London! Look out below! And check out her new blog too 🙂