Travel theme: Paths

There’s nothing quite so beckoning or mysterious as a path that winds out of view. It always makes me wonder – where does it go? What’s at the end of that path?

Or as Disney’s Pocahontas would say-

What’s around the river bend!
Waiting just around the river bend!

Sorry, I’ve been on a Disney movie kick recently!

Anyway, the meandering nature of paths has always fascinated me and therefore I have too many pictures to choose from! So I decided to narrow it down to a trip I made a few years back to the Lake District in England, a gorgeously verdant area with so much natural beauty you can almost become immune to it… almost. Here there were paths galore, surrounded by some of the most beautiful nature as well!

DSC03472This path was marked with the cutest wooden sign that designated it as a public footpath. It cut through several meadows dotted with fluffy white sheep and their adorable lambs actually frolicking next to them. It was the literal embodiment of pastoral tranquility and melted my cynical city girl’s heart.

DSC03506This gloriously wooded road lead to an amazing waterfall! I’m glad that I got a chance to walk along this road and savor it, rather than drive through it in a hurry.

DSC03556The park with the waterfall afforded us more lovely paths. What’s better than a meandering path? A meandering path with steps!

DSC03883This was the road leading from the Honister Slate Mine, so dramatically cutting through the hills!DSC03981I forget what this road was called, but the bus driver I believe claimed it was the narrowest and most rambly road in the Lake District? It doesn’t look too bad but he did make a big deal out of it, hehe. I do like the way it cuts through the green!

Travel theme: Turquoise

Turquoise is one of my favorite colors, as well as its close cousin aqua. In fact, it was one of my wedding colors! So I had a great time going through my photos and finding different shades of turquoise to share!


I loved my friend’s turquoise nails as she made her french press coffee! Yes, I am that annoying person at brunch who is always taking pictures…!


Just looking at these clear turquoise waters brings me back to vacation! Check out my matching toenails also!


This very cool street art in Brick Lane in London really caught my eye. Her turquoise skin an piercing eyes are so striking!


It’s tea time at the Orangery at the Kensingon Palace in London. These lovely, floral-festooned turquoise teacups were almost too pretty to drink tea out of!


One of my favorite parks near us has a beautiful turquoise lake- in fact, it’s famous for these vibrantly colored waters. The lake is meromictic, meaning the layers of the lake don’t mix and therefore it retains this amazing color!


Travel theme: Luminous

  1. full of or shedding light; bright or shining, especially in the dark.

Hmm… especially in the dark huh? This was a hard one for me because I have terrible camera shake and that does not bode well for photo-taking at nighttime. However, I tried to find some pictures that would reflect this week’s challenge!


Sparklers at a wedding are magical! Especially if you didn’t set your ISO correctly and you get trails of blazing light!


Nothing more luminous than a city at nighttime – especially the city that never sleeps, NYC!


Finally, a fireworks display so luminous it’s dazzles the eye! The fireworks displays at Disney are awe-inspiring and enough to turn any adult into a kid again!

Travel theme: Frame

I love using framing to compose a shot; it adds another layer of depth to a photo that can really draw ones eye. Here are some framed shots!


Here cherry blossoms form a natural frame for the Jefferson Memorial. It was a gorgeous day to see the cherry blossoms, sunny and warm!


My alma mater, Cornell! Here Mcgraw Tower is framed by the trees leading up to Ho Plaza.


Another view from Cornell, this time from the A.D White room in Uris Library. Just look at that view of Cayuga Lake… it would be hard for me to study here, I’d be so distracted by the lookout!


Lastly, a shot from the top of Mount Tai. If you reached the top, that means you climbed up 5,000 feet! Or, if you’re like us, you took a bus to the halfway point and then climbed up those stairs. Or, if you’re really smart, you took the cable car to the top and enjoyed the views there… phew!

Travel theme: Delicate

For me, there’s nothing quite so delicate and ephemeral as cherry blossom season! The flowers have a short bloom time so it’s easy to miss them in all their fluffy pink glory. It’s also rather hard to predict exactly when the flowers will blossom, so you may find yourself booking a trip to Washington DC in hopes of catching them in full bloom and find that you’ve come a week early. Le sigh.

Still, I have been able to catch a few glimpses of gorgeously flowering cherry blossoms, so I count myself lucky! There’s something so romantic about cherry trees and the fluttery pink hail they send down with each breeze…

Sakura Mankai

“Cherry Blossoms in Full Bloom”

The sad sad scene that greeted me in Washington DC this year! The buds were just ready to pop, and actually started blooming the day we left! But wait, there’s more…

Fluffy pink blossoms on a beautiful clear day at Cornell. There’s a line of cherry trees right by Olin Library that’s absolutely breathtaking when they’re flowering! So nostalgic!

One of my favorite places to go during cherry blossom season is the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, which has an awesome festival called Sakura Matsuri with different events and festivals. But even without the festival, the flowers are still a spectacle to behold.

Although I love pink cherry blossoms, white flowers are beautiful as well!

Last but not least, cherry blossoms in Shanghai. It was an unexpected but lovely surprise to come upon a stand of flowering cherry blossom trees in the middle of the city!

This post is in response to the weekly Travel Theme at Where’s my backpack?, check out Ailsa’s great pics!

Travel theme: Stone

This week’s travel theme made me do some extra research – are rocks and stones the same thing? Apparently the consensus is that stone is rock which has been worked with  – hewn, polished, chiseled, etc. So perhaps I am cheating a bit here… since my post is going to be about the gorgeous red rocks of Sedona! Which have only been worked on by Mother Nature, except in the case of the Chapel of the Holy Cross. Sedona is so gorgeous – it brought out the dormant hiker in me, which is pretty tough! The red rock landscape was almost Martian in feel, and totally different from the forested greenery of the Northeast. I would love to go back someday, but until then, rock out to these pictures!

Getting up close and personal with some really red rocks.

We took a Pink Jeep tour of the Inner Rim in Sedona, where we saw several very cool formations! Each one had a descriptive name… but this one escapes me.

Red rock formations and even more hills and mountains in the distance.

Chapel of the Holy Cross, set into the mountain itself. What an amazing location for a church – the view from the top is beautiful!

This post is in response to the weekly Travel Theme at Where’s my backpack?, check out Ailsa’s great pics!

Travel theme: Brown

As a color, brown seems to get a bad rep – it looks dirty, or boring, etc etc. But brown is great! It’s earthy, natural, and has a full spectrum of hues from light tan to deep chocolate-brown. And as chef Anne Burrell would say, “Brown food tastes good!” And I definitely agree there… browned meat is delicious and dark chocolate is absolutely luscious! Yum! So let’s go ahead and celebrate all things tasty that are brown:

Brown Food Tastes Good!

Have you had grilled eel? Mostly served in Japanese restaurants, it’s called unagi in Japanese and is called mouthwateringly delicious by me. At Daikokuya in Los Angeles (famous for ramen, which we also did get), I had to have the unagi-don (grilled eel rice bowl) and I was so glad I did. Deliciously brown!

Technically I suppose beer is more a golden color rather than brown.. but the bottles are certainly brown enough!

The very best of brown foods coming together – brown meat and brown carbs! Love it! Chicken and waffles at The Breakfast Klub in Houston, with the as advertised one strawberry to top it.

Now that we have more than 2 square feet of counter space, we’ve whipped out our slow cooker (received from our wedding registry three years ago!) and finally started using it to make pulled pork and other slow-cooked delicacies! This was our first try at pulled pork and the results were delicious!

A cup of brown coffee is a welcome sight for any jet-lagged traveler who has a full day of sightseeing ahead of them!

Chocolate mousse cake is one of my favorite desserts – along with chocolate pot de creme, tiramisu, chocolate lava cake, chocolate truffles…

One of the tastiest briskets I’ve ever had was at Rudy’s Country Store in Texas – the moist brisket is amazing! Juicy, tender, flavorful – I’m drooling just in recollection of this delicious brown meat.

I promise, underneath this thick blanket of powdered sugar these beignets are a lovely golden brown!


This post is in response to the weekly Travel Theme at Where’s my backpack?, check out Ailsa’s great pics!