That Stupid Song

First off… I hate that new song by Jason Derulo, “Don’t Wanna Go Home”. But why, you might ask? Party beat, vapid lyrics, and mildly catchy tune = instant pop hit. But yep, I hate it, mostly because it samples from Robyn S’s “Show Me Love”, a classic from 1993 which I remember well as the background music to our aerobics class at Paerdagat Day Camp. Ahh, Paerdagat Camp!

Another reason why I hate the Jason Derulo song – stupid and vaguely offensive lyrics like:

“And this girl in my lap, passing out, she’s a blonde”

And then also… he’s taking lyrics from the BANANA BOAT SONG?! Can you GET any less original?! Augh. I just can’t stand some songs on the radio! But they keep playing over and over again….

Anyway that concludes the bashing.