A Puerto Rican Ramble – Day 3

just another gorgeous day in Puerto Rico!

Ahh…. our beach day. After our grueling yet extremely worth it day yesterday, it was definitely time for some much needed R&R. And thankfully, Mother Nature complied by giving us a gorgeous halcyon day with vivid blue skies scattered with fluffy clouds, a laser-hot sun for our sunbathers, and no rain in sight (as compared to yesterday when it was cloudy with scattered showers). It was definitely the picture perfect day for lounging around.

Our hotel La Concha has three pools and beach access, but I gravitated towards the infinity pool with a view of the ocean. It being September and therefore low season, it was actually pretty easy for all eight of us to get chairs right next to the pool together. I would definitely travel again during low season… I hate having to compete with people for good spots! Continue reading