More 2NE1!

I guess since their new song came out, I’ve been revisiting my obsession with 2NE1. They’ve only been out for a few years but I followed them from their first song (Lolli-lolli-lollipop!) which was originally just a song for a commercial but became so popular that they made a single of it. And I can say in all honesty that I’ve loved all of their singles that have followed! I used to listen to their debut album on repeat, even though I didn’t know what they were saying… so then I would search for lyric translations, watch youtube videos with eng subtitles, etc. Ah sigh, the days of youthful obsession.

2NE1 – Stay Together – one of my favorites!

I love the lyrics too. Definitely the lyrics are a lot better than some of the repetitious booty-shaking stuff on the radio now. I’m trembling for you forever!

And just as another testament to their amazing live skills, here we have:

I just love how their live performances on the radio sound just as amazing as on stage. Plus their covers of other people’s songs are really good, and their English is truly impressive. Oh yeah, and Minzy can DANCE. And CL can RAP! And Bom can SING! and Dara can CUTE!

2NE1 is… the Best!

Ahhh, 2NE1 is back with their latest single, aptly titled “I Am The Best“!!! Honestly I’m not a huge huge fan of the super-electro beat, but it’s still catchy and I still love ’em. And you really cannot look away from their crazy outfits, and Dara’s hair in the last part. Geez! I want Bom’s shiny leather outfit… and the dog.

Tribute post for some of  my favorite 2NE1 songs!

2NE1 – It Hurts
I love this song…. slow and soulful. Plus you can really hear the girls’ voices, which is not always the case with their more ‘processed’ songs. The video is pretty interesting as usual with their MVs… Dara’s crazy frizzy hair, and I really love Bom’s hair color and her fringe umbrella. As usual… loving the style!

Live of “It Hurts” with English subtitles and romanization!

I think this really highlights all the girls’ great vocal talent… I love all their voices in this.

2NE1 – I Don’t Care
Another great slower tempo song, the lyrics are good too. Stupid boys! Great song for breaking up, cursing boys, etc. This is during their first album before they went really crazy with their style… I do like the “I don’t care eh eh eh eh” dance! They also made a terrific reggae version of this song which I love, gives it a great island feel.

2NE1 – Can’t Nobody
Wild style, all I can say. The part with CL, her pink megaphone, veiled hat and the entire crazy outfit… blows me away! I want a freaking pink megaphone!!! A very catchy song, and just FIERCE.

Honestly, I really loved 2NE1’s first album, when the songs weren’t so electronic but still very catchy and showcasing their vocal and rapping skills. I’m not sure if I’m totally loving the direction they’re going in but I’m still a big fan! Blackjacks baby!