Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

The best mornings are the ones where you wake up naturally, willingly opening your eyes to start your day… which happens rather infrequently due to my work schedule and my hubby’s propensity to sleep late. Most days I’m awakened by my song alarm and head to the shower, bleary eyed. The rest of my morning would usually be a quick cereal for breakfast and then on to work! Nowadays though, my mother-in-law is living with us, and while the arrangement has its cons, one of the definite pros is that she makes breakfast for us (and all our other meals… gosh we are spoiled!). Her breakfast of choice for us is noodle soup, with any assortment of vegetables and herbs that we have on hand. It’s simple and quick to whip up but oh-so-filling and warms you up on a brisk fall day!


This picture is actually from my trip back to my husband’s hometown earlier this year, but it’s pretty representative of what we eat in the morning. Yum!