Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite

“She says nothing at all, but simply stares upward into the dark sky and watches, with sad eyes, the slow dance of the infinite stars.”

-Neil Gaiman, Stardust

And with a quote like that, you would think you’d see a gorgeous night shot with a blanket of glowing stars! But alas, I have not mastered the art of night sky photography, although I drool over other photographs. I also would like to try out star trail photos… but that’s another thing to master!

This week’s theme at the Daily Post is of things unending, cycles, infinity and beyond. To me, the sky and space are infinite – I can get lost in my own world staring at the everchanging landscape of the clouds. This can be somewhat distracting when one is driving though, which at times can also seem endless. So here are my two versions of infinite, in sky form and on the road:


A Word A Week Photo Challenge – Cloud

Oh no… another photo challenge! I’m going to cap myself at 3, I really am. Because these things are taking over my life. agh!

I really could not resist this challenge over at A Word A Week, however. Why? Because I love clouds – I really do. Clouds can have so many moods – ranging from ethereal and wispy to thickly grey and intimidating. Some of the best clouds that I see are on the road when I am driving – maybe it’s because you have little else to focus on but the road ahead of you, and the clouds in the sky above. This has led to me snapping furiously away with one hand on the wheel – a somewhat dangerous practice that I would not recommend on a regular basis! But here we go, here are is my collection of…

Clouds on the Road

(not literally… that would be fog.)

Near Syracuse, there’s an adorable town called Skaneateles (pronounced skinny-atlas) situated at the end of a narrow lake of the same name. The drive there is beautiful in the summer, lined with trees and full of curves that reveal even more lush greenery and golden fields. The drive is also beautiful during winter when the trees are coated with snow… but the turns are definitely more treacherous.

Driving back to NYC on the I-81 in autumn provides lots of beautiful scenery and opportunities for photos (but damn that highway barrier!)

On the road home from Ithaca, and a beautiful sunset set the trees ablaze…

Driving on the road to heaven, heading into the clouds!

Another gorgeous blue sky day with puffy fluffy clouds!

Late afternoon sun breaking through the clouds provides a gorgeous streaks of light!

A red barn nestled in green fields, with a Simpsons cloud sky above – so idyllic! If you don’t see all the cars in the shot!