Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

By this time in these parts, we should be firmly in the chilly grip of old man Winter – yet here we are in December and I was walking around in my fall coat in 50 degree weather! Truly this is frightening for one who expects snow or at least hat and gloves weather by this time! I probably shouldn’t be complaining about it – after all, if it was as cold as expected I would probably be complaining about that too! But I guess that’s human nature.

Then again, it’s not really winter yet – the winter solstice will be on Dec. 21st which technically marks the first day of winter. But still, where’s the snow, freezing rain, and sleet that make winter driving so annoying? Did I put my snow tires on for nothing?!

This week’s theme is changing seasons… and it’s a little bit of a bummer that I don’t even have a good first snowfall picture to show. So I suppose I’ll have to fall back on a good old summer to fall transition picture…

Leaves of deep summer green, just starting to get tipped by the brilliant autumn scarlet. A few days later the color had crept further up, and within a week the transformation was complete – flame red leaves, a tree afire.