Weekly Photo Challenge: Wish

Star light, star bright,
First star I see tonight.
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have the wish, I wish tonight.
We’ll make a wish
And do as dreamers do
And all our wishes
Will come true.

There was a time when I was young enough to believe these last few lines- make a wish and if you wish hard enough your wish will come true! That time of childish belief didn’t last long, since I soon discovered no matter how I wished, a puppy didn’t appear, my little brother continued to bite me all the time, and I still had to go to school every day! Sigh, how quickly the innocence of youth is shattered.

Before I had children, my wishes were pretty straightforward and rather selfish. World peace? Nope, I was wishing for a trip to a far-flung locale or maybe to win the lottery… to fund my trips to some far-flung locale. Hehe! Not that I don’t want to travel anymore, but now that I have kids I find that my wishes tend to center around them – for their health, their happiness, their success in life.

DSC07017I wish that my babies will have long, loving lives filled with happiness and prosperity! I wish that they will grow into kind, caring adults who can also stand up for themselves and for what’s right. I wish that they can make a positive difference in the world, and that wherever they end up, I wish they will always remember that their mother loves them!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

It’s been a busy past few days what with Thanksgiving, all the travel involved (a pretty painless drive I have to admit!) and also the drama of a 10 year high school reunion! I still can’t believe that 10 years ago I was a senior, trembling on the brink of becoming a college student (and a mature adult… sometimes I think I’m still on the brink there!). I also cringe when I think about my terrible style choices during high school… or rather the lack of style. Everyone looks the same but different – I’d like to think that I’ve improved with age, at least in terms of clothing. Maybe.

In any case I’ve been a little belated on the photo challenge posts and my own miscellaneous posts so it’s best to just get into it! This week at the Daily Post we’re giving thanks, timely considered the holiday that just passed.

This is a cross-stitch that I made and framed as a gift to my parents for Chinese New Year, which reads “家和萬事興”, meaning that a family that lives in harmony will prosper. If there’s anything that Asian families aspire to, it’s to live in harmony (and also for their kids to become doctors/lawyers, ahhh). Definitely there have been inharmonious moments in my family life (read: the teenage years) but as I’ve grown older I’ve learned to appreciate my family a lot, especially all the effort that my parents have put into raising me. The distance in  years (and also in miles!) has given me a lot of insight. Dare I say, I even miss them sometimes?