Travel theme: Luminous

  1. full of or shedding light; bright or shining, especially in the dark.

Hmm… especially in the dark huh? This was a hard one for me because I have terrible camera shake and that does not bode well for photo-taking at nighttime. However, I tried to find some pictures that would reflect this week’s challenge!


Sparklers at a wedding are magical! Especially if you didn’t set your ISO correctly and you get trails of blazing light!


Nothing more luminous than a city at nighttime – especially the city that never sleeps, NYC!


Finally, a fireworks display so luminous it’s dazzles the eye! The fireworks displays at Disney are awe-inspiring and enough to turn any adult into a kid again!

Travel theme: Bright

I think after all the spookiness and Sandy-ness of last week, we can all use a little levity and brightness! So it’s definitely fitting that it’s this week’s theme from Where’s my backpack, and I had a lot of fun looking for some suitable pictures!

When I think of bright things, I automatically think of summertime. Summertime to me means long days of sunshine, fruit gorgeously colorful and ripe for the picking, family and friend get-togethers and of course Fourth of July fireworks! Now that it’s getting cooler in CNY (it snowed yesterday, gulp!) I really enjoyed looking through my summer pictures and selecting the best and the brightest.

luscious red strawberries, freshly picked! they were so juicy and sweet.. of course we had to sample our share before we picked them too 😉

walking along skaneateles lake, the sun shining through the trees caught my eye. what a gorgeous summer day!

summer tomatoes bursting with color and flavor at the farmer’s market!

fireworks for July 4th at a local park!

brightly colored bibimbap – i love this dish!

another fireworks pic, this time over at Niagara Falls. What a great night to people watch and enjoy the mist =D

colorful Adirondack chairs and a cloudy blue sky in Clayton, NY. Taken during our trip to the Thousand Islands, a great area!

nothing i love more than a beautiful flower. nature is really the best artist!