…hot summer…

Omo. I’m actually glad that I’m working this weekend. At least there’s free AC in the pharmacy! And seriously… I thought we were up central new york to avoid this crazy kind of heat! Well… must wait it out.

Thought this seemed fitting. More f(x)! Not my favorite but it is definitely a HOT HOT SUMMER.

f(x) – Hot Summer

Honestly I think the song is kinda silly when I read the lyrics. What the heck does it mean about the foreigners and wearing long black outfits?!

f(x) – 아이 (Love) – Romanization and English Translation

I’m not a huge fan of f(x) but I was listening to their latest mini-album but one of their songs caught my ear:

f(x) – 아이 (Love)

So I had to get the romanized lyrics (B o o Y i . r A g A m U f F i N ™) and English translation. None of it done by me, but compiled through the wily ways of the internet.

I can’t say that the lyrics are particularly sparkling or thought inducing but everything just sounds better when you don’t understand it~!! One of my favorite parts is Amber’s rap near the end.

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