Travel theme: Energy

Living in a smaller city now has made me appreciate even more the city of my birth – New York City! There’s a wonderful zest and energy that the city has that, to me at least, is inimitable. On any given day there’s tons of stuff going on – concerts, festivals, museum exhibits, shows, etc. And of course, it’s a given that you’ll find awesome food if you know where to look. Even now, there’s a hot chocolate festival going on! Le sigh…

Anyway, I may be extremely biased, but I do believe that NYC is a great city full of energy!


A accordion player during the festival of San Gennaro in Little Italy.


Setting off fireworks (illegally, I must add!!) in the streets of Coney Island during July 4th.


Although it’s pretty much a tourist trap, it’s a must-do for out-of-towners – Times Square! Stay for the lights and the bustling crowds, maybe get some cheap Broadway tickets at the TKTS booth… but do not eat here. It’s all crap chain stuff.


One of my favorite places in NYC – Grand Central Terminal! Probably because I’ve never had to actually take a train here, but just to admire the architecture and maybe charge my iPhone at the Apple store heh. There’s definitely a lot of energy at this transportation hub. One of my favorite parts is the constellations picked out on the ceiling.


Another ubiquitous scene in NYC. If you’ve taken the subway or strolled through an open touristy area, you will have seen these Showtime kids – they blast music, hype up the crowd, and do a lot of impressive acrobatics and gymnastics. It’s pretty cool when they do it on the subway with the poles. After a while though, you do become a bit jaded about seeing them ^_^;;

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

I can’t even think of a good intro for this weekly photo challenge because my brain is so fried! Went to Los Angeles for a conference this past weekend, then came back to three days of work (at 12.5 hours each). We haven’t had time to cook so we’ve been getting Chinese takeout every night and as much as I love Singapore mei fun and chicken with cashew nuts it’s getting plenty old. Another long day of work tomorrow and then we will be flying to China! So yes… I have been pretty remiss. But in any case I had to try to keep up with the photo challenge! Sorry for the ramble!

My Little NYC Details

Travel Theme: On Display

Hmm when I saw this week’s travel theme on Where’s my backpack? my mind went haywire thinking about all the different things I’ve seen in shops. Actually, what really came to mind was food because I find myself drawn to farmer’s markets and I love photographing gorgeous produce. Is that weird? In any case, I went through my sorta more exotic trips to find some more typical store items… it was nice, remembering past trips. Also, I like taking pictures of items because I feel like I have it, even though I didn’t buy it! Which I think is sometimes why storeowners discourage photography.

I know there’s still a lot of pictures, but I actually cut it down a lot…. Without further ado!

idol fans in Japan. that’s right, they print out boy band member’s faces on fans… to cool them off cuz the guys get them so hot. I recognize two guys from Arashi, do you see them?!


adorable mini erasers in Japan that look good enough to eat!


for however much yen, you can bling your phone to look like this! you can tell it’s a older photo cuz it’s a flip phone haha.

beautifully displayed and carefully ribboned melons. if you see the price ranges they can go up to 8k yen, which is about 100 bucks. 100 bucks for a melon! damn.

in a Chinese supermarket, selling rosebuds to make tea. Currency exchange rate is about 6 RMB to a dollar.

an elaborate ruby necklace in a Shanghai storefront


traditional Chinese paper cutting! Very elaborate and impressive.

lucha libre masks in Mexico. I still regret not buying one!


cool ceramic skulls in Mexico. I bought a bunch of these as souvenirs… and ended up putting them all around the apt instead!


pocketwatches from a street festival in NYC this weekend


a Michelle Obama shopping bag in NYC. She is, after all, the First Lady of Fabulous!