Tuesday Trip Back in Time – Phoenix and Sedona, AZ

Once in a while I like to revisit my past trips and relive the experiences that I had on those trips. There’s the good, the bad, and sometimes the ugly – but it always brings back fond memories and hindsight even the bad or annoying things get a nice sheen of nostalgia too!

a dramatic sky over the desert landscape in Arizona

The first trip I’ll be revisiting is the trip that my husband and I took to Phoenix and Sedona in Arizona, from 11/27-12/1 2011. Honestly, I had never really thought about visiting Arizona again (I had briefly gone to the Grand Canyon with my family as a child). It was actually a Groupon gone wrong that led me on this trip! Originally my friend and I had each bought a Groupon for a three day-stay at a ranch in Tucson, AZ that included meals, horseback riding, and a tour for only $64! It sounded like a great deal, and we decided we would both bring our significant others. Everything seemed fine – I called them to book a stay in late November after Thanksgiving and they had us down in a nice bungalow. I booked my airline tickets back in February (I like to book my tickets early… my downfall in this case!) and everything seemed pretty set!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

Ah, photo challenges and weekly themes. I’m obsessed! It’s fun to look at the challenge and really think back through your previous trips and see what matches up with the theme. This week’s photo challenge at The Daily Post is BIG. This was a little tricky because by nature I am small and I love to take pictures of small things, mini things, macro etc. So I really had to dig through my photos to find something.

huge wooden spider at the Desert Botanical Garden

A freaky sight for arachnophobes! This was taken at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona. They were having displays of huge wooden insects all throughout the garden, with grasshoppers, dragonflies etc. It was a toss up between this spider and the spider statue Maman in Ottawa that stands outside the National Gallery of Canada. Somehow people do like huge statues of spiders….