Travel theme: Frame

I love using framing to compose a shot; it adds another layer of depth to a photo that can really draw ones eye. Here are some framed shots!


Here cherry blossoms form a natural frame for the Jefferson Memorial. It was a gorgeous day to see the cherry blossoms, sunny and warm!


My alma mater, Cornell! Here Mcgraw Tower is framed by the trees leading up to Ho Plaza.


Another view from Cornell, this time from the A.D White room in Uris Library. Just look at that view of Cayuga Lake… it would be hard for me to study here, I’d be so distracted by the lookout!


Lastly, a shot from the top of Mount Tai. If you reached the top, that means you climbed up 5,000 feet! Or, if you’re like us, you took a bus to the halfway point and then climbed up those stairs. Or, if you’re really smart, you took the cable car to the top and enjoyed the views there… phew!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Careful

In high school, I got the chance to take ceramics to fulfill a “tech” class (my other one next semester was jewelry-making!). I really enjoyed it, making molds, sculpting, and my favorite part, glazing the ceramics and see how the finished product would come out. Years and years later, I got a chance to do some “throwing” – sounds violent, but really just means the process of making something on a pottery wheel. Like in the movie ‘Ghost’… am I dating myself with this reference?!

Anyway, if you’ve ever thrown pottery it is a bit twitchy. i was never good at it and I need a lot of hands on guidance because if you’re not careful, too much pressure will give you a big gaping hole in your pot or make the walls too thin. It’s a delicate process that requires some patience…


Travel theme: Below

These days when I peek down below, I get a view a bit like this:


Usually, I’ll look down below and discover she’s pulled apart a magazine, or is busily ripping apart paper towels, or maybe is trying to squirt shampoo into her mouth… But it’s a pretty good view, nonetheless.

Some “low” shots!


I like how taking this picture from below made the cross seem more imposing and spookier than it otherwise would seem. I love the look of moss creeping across stone…


View from the top of Libe Slope at Cornell, looking down at West Campus and beyoooonnndddd… I remember trekking up this hill back in the day. My quads were awesome!


Lastly, a shot of my friend Jess hanging out at a playground in London! Look out below! And check out her new blog too 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange

I’ve lived in Syracuse for several years now, and it becomes apparent very quickly that the ‘Cuse is very proud of their basketball team – the Orange! So when I saw this week’s photo challenge, I thought it was quite fitting. However, if you follow college basketball you’ll also know that the NCAA just imposed a bunch of penalties on SU’s basketball team and coach Jim Boeheim… so it’s not a great time for the Orange right now.

Still, I have to start off with an Orange pic:

DSC09228Watching the Syracuse vs Cornell game. As a Cornell alumna I wanted to root for Cornell too!


The most adorable little donut peaches at a u-pick fruit stand near Ithaca.

IMG_4243A brilliantly orange cosmos flower from our own garden!


A brightly hued playground in NYC. Can anyone guess which one this is? Hint: It’s in Chinatown!

IMG_5282I love all the fiery hues of autumn, encapsulated in a single leaf.


I’m a sucker for bright, shiny explody things – which is why I enjoyed the Indiana Jones Stunt Show at Disney World. I think I saw this when I was kid even – it hasn’t changed much!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is one of those basic rules of composition that I like playing around with to see the different effects it can have on the same subject. Basically you make a tic-tac-toe grid on your camera (a lot of cameras will have an option for you to display the grid on your screen) and then you put objects of interest on the intersections of those lines.

If you have a bit of time, here’s one of my favorite silly DigitalRev videos – Teaching Girls How to Take Photos (SPOOF PARODY). There’s an amusing part where Kai likens the rule of thirds to a waffle – bam, bam, bam, BOSH!

So here’s my off-center rule of thirds photo:


This was taken in New Orleans, in the St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square. If you can imagine the grid, the statue is on the right hand line and the altar in the blurred out background would be on the intersection of the left and top line. So it adds a bit of interest to have something in the foreground and also in the distant background too, all on those points of interest.

And the rule of thirds is so nice, I had to do it twice!


This photo was from a trip to England in the Lake District. The bird in focus is once again on the right line, and the second flying bird in that top corner intersection again. I also like the lines of the piers in the background as well, lending a bit of visual interest.

And if it’s the rule of thirds, you gotta finish it off with a third picture right?!


Goodbye with a sunset at Sunset Beach in Cape May, NJ!

Black & White Sunday: Quiet

After fresh snowfall (of which we have had a lot up here lately) the world seems blanketed not just in snow, but also in a thick layer of quiet. Everything is hushed and muted by the fluffy snow, perhaps also because ones ears are bundled up in a hat or earmuffs. And there’s no place quieter than a park on Christmas Day after fresh snow.


This post is in response to Lost in Translation’s B&W Sunday and PODcast B&W, check them out for more interesting pictures 🙂

Travel theme: Energy

Living in a smaller city now has made me appreciate even more the city of my birth – New York City! There’s a wonderful zest and energy that the city has that, to me at least, is inimitable. On any given day there’s tons of stuff going on – concerts, festivals, museum exhibits, shows, etc. And of course, it’s a given that you’ll find awesome food if you know where to look. Even now, there’s a hot chocolate festival going on! Le sigh…

Anyway, I may be extremely biased, but I do believe that NYC is a great city full of energy!


A accordion player during the festival of San Gennaro in Little Italy.


Setting off fireworks (illegally, I must add!!) in the streets of Coney Island during July 4th.


Although it’s pretty much a tourist trap, it’s a must-do for out-of-towners – Times Square! Stay for the lights and the bustling crowds, maybe get some cheap Broadway tickets at the TKTS booth… but do not eat here. It’s all crap chain stuff.


One of my favorite places in NYC – Grand Central Terminal! Probably because I’ve never had to actually take a train here, but just to admire the architecture and maybe charge my iPhone at the Apple store heh. There’s definitely a lot of energy at this transportation hub. One of my favorite parts is the constellations picked out on the ceiling.


Another ubiquitous scene in NYC. If you’ve taken the subway or strolled through an open touristy area, you will have seen these Showtime kids – they blast music, hype up the crowd, and do a lot of impressive acrobatics and gymnastics. It’s pretty cool when they do it on the subway with the poles. After a while though, you do become a bit jaded about seeing them ^_^;;