MC Love

In an attempt to make up a song list for my wedding reception, I was going through all my music (English at least) to pick the best and the brightest. Just FYI, for an average 4-hour reception they recommend having 80-110 songs to play! Whoo! That is a lot of music. Luckily, I have tons of songs to choose from.

Scanning through my music brought back a lot of fond memories to me – especially when I got to Mariah Carey. The first CD I ever bought was Mariah Carey’s Daydream (back in ’95!! Holy crap!) and I seriously played the shit out of that CD. I loved every song! Classic classic album with hits like Fantasy, One Sweet Day, Always Be My Baby… sigh. I really hope that the young whippersnappers of today realize that Mariah Carey is way more than “Touch My Body” or the woman who married a guy 10 years younger than her (Nick Cannon. And they have twins now!).

Not to be panning on Mariah’s recent songs… but they just can’t compare to her classic hits from before. Although I do love “Obsessed”, partly because it’s inspired by a line from the movie “Mean Girls”! Good movie.

I think another reason why I loved her songs was also because she used impressive vocabulary (or at least it seemed that way when I was 12!). Or at least referenced things that required a little intelligence. I mean, even in “Obsessed” she talks about a Napoleon complex. A little more complex than, for example, Dev’s “Dancing in the Dark”.

A good example is my favorite song of MC ever, Breakdown ft. Bone Thugs n Harmony.

So classic, so good! The lyrics seemed very meaningful even before I even had my first breakup! And she used words such as “nonchalant” and “guise”! Okay, maybe not SAT material but I was impressed, back in the day.

And just to finish, a gorgeous cover of MC’s classic Whenever You Call, originally with Brian McKnight.


That Stupid Song

First off… I hate that new song by Jason Derulo, “Don’t Wanna Go Home”. But why, you might ask? Party beat, vapid lyrics, and mildly catchy tune = instant pop hit. But yep, I hate it, mostly because it samples from Robyn S’s “Show Me Love”, a classic from 1993 which I remember well as the background music to our aerobics class at Paerdagat Day Camp. Ahh, Paerdagat Camp!

Another reason why I hate the Jason Derulo song – stupid and vaguely offensive lyrics like:

“And this girl in my lap, passing out, she’s a blonde”

And then also… he’s taking lyrics from the BANANA BOAT SONG?! Can you GET any less original?! Augh. I just can’t stand some songs on the radio! But they keep playing over and over again….

Anyway that concludes the bashing.