Travel theme: Stone

This week’s travel theme made me do some extra research – are rocks and stones the same thing? Apparently the consensus is that stone is rock which has been worked with  – hewn, polished, chiseled, etc. So perhaps I am cheating a bit here… since my post is going to be about the gorgeous red rocks of Sedona! Which have only been worked on by Mother Nature, except in the case of the Chapel of the Holy Cross. Sedona is so gorgeous – it brought out the dormant hiker in me, which is pretty tough! The red rock landscape was almost Martian in feel, and totally different from the forested greenery of the Northeast. I would love to go back someday, but until then, rock out to these pictures!

Getting up close and personal with some really red rocks.

We took a Pink Jeep tour of the Inner Rim in Sedona, where we saw several very cool formations! Each one had a descriptive name… but this one escapes me.

Red rock formations and even more hills and mountains in the distance.

Chapel of the Holy Cross, set into the mountain itself. What an amazing location for a church – the view from the top is beautiful!

This post is in response to the weekly Travel Theme at Where’s my backpack?, check out Ailsa’s great pics!

Tuesday Trip Back in Time – Phoenix and Sedona, AZ

Once in a while I like to revisit my past trips and relive the experiences that I had on those trips. There’s the good, the bad, and sometimes the ugly – but it always brings back fond memories and hindsight even the bad or annoying things get a nice sheen of nostalgia too!

a dramatic sky over the desert landscape in Arizona

The first trip I’ll be revisiting is the trip that my husband and I took to Phoenix and Sedona in Arizona, from 11/27-12/1 2011. Honestly, I had never really thought about visiting Arizona again (I had briefly gone to the Grand Canyon with my family as a child). It was actually a Groupon gone wrong that led me on this trip! Originally my friend and I had each bought a Groupon for a three day-stay at a ranch in Tucson, AZ that included meals, horseback riding, and a tour for only $64! It sounded like a great deal, and we decided we would both bring our significant others. Everything seemed fine – I called them to book a stay in late November after Thanksgiving and they had us down in a nice bungalow. I booked my airline tickets back in February (I like to book my tickets early… my downfall in this case!) and everything seemed pretty set!

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