A Puerto Rican Ramble comes to an end…

goodbye to this gorgeous view!

It’s always bittersweet when a trip comes to an end – there’s a feeling that there’s still more to see, more to experience. Our trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico was coming to an end! As sad as it was to go, it was great to look back and see just how much we had experienced during our brief stay – and of course, start dreaming about coming back to check out everything we had missed our first time around! Continue reading

A Puerto Rican Ramble – Day 4

ziplining through the trees!

It was our last big adventure in Puerto Rico – ziplining! Definitely a first for me and one that I was looking forward to with a mixture of excitement and apprehension. I decided against bringing my DSLR with me (visions of my camera plummeting to the ground ran rampant through my head) so all pictures I have stolen from my friends who brought their more handy little counterparts. I felt naked without a camera!!!

The company that we went with was EcoQuest which runs the ziplines out of Campo Rico Ziplining, a large estate that’s only a short 5-10 minute drive from San Juan. They have several packages but we went with the Ziplining adventure, which includes a short kayak and some hiking through the woods, interspersed with 5 ziplines of varying speed. We started off at the main office, where we signed off on waiver forms to release them from liability should we somehow snap off the harness and plunge to our doom in a ravine filled with necrotizing fasciitis. Shudder. Maybe I was more nervous about this then I thought. Continue reading