week 13 picture roundup!

Gosh I can’t believe it’s already April! Time is definitely flying by, and now it’s almost only a year until our wedding… Time to get serious and start doing some more research!
3/27 – just got my Professor Kobre’s Lightscoop! This is basically a nicer version of what I used to do, which was prop up a white card to help reflect/diffuse the built-in flash on my camera. Why are other people so much smarter than me?!

3/28 – got some lovely wedding card samples. I’m considering this design for my wedding invite, from weddingpaperdivas.com. It just feels so good… 

3/29 – travel reimbursement form. YAY for reimbursement!

3/30 – happy and well-lit dong with the lightscoop on!

3/31 – the empty and cleaned out Borders at the Carousel Mall. Depressing….

4/1 – hint of lime + guac… supreme.

4/2 – lightscoop does not work well when trying to take pictures of small items!

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