Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

There have been studies showing that people who have symmetrical features are found to be more attractive and beautiful than their slightly more lopsided counterparts. However, most people aren’t symmetrical – our eyes might be a little off, or one bigger than the other, ears not even (apparently this is very common according to my optometrist!) and so on and so forth. Maybe our natural asymmetry makes us pursue symmetry even more, whether in architecture, design, or beauty.


This photo is from Oak Alley Plantation near New Orleans, Louisiana. The name is pretty self explanatory – the walkway is lined with amazing centuries old oak trees, creating a beautiful tunnel of greenery leading to the grand house. Although the symmetry is striking, I really like the juxtaposition of the oak trees themselves –  asymmetrical, gnarled and totally perfect in their own way.

Also a little fangirl note for those Nora Roberts fans – they used Oak Alley as the filming location for Midnight Bayou =D

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